Caged Tipper Hire 

Caged Tipper Hire London

Caged Tipper, Wait & Load Skip hire in London & Essex from Titan Waste Solutions, based in East London. Hiring a caged tipper, also known as a Wait & Load skip hire, has many distinct advantages over other kinds of waste disposal. A cage tipper can be loaded quickly, all the way up to its full volume, whilst you wait. 

Wait & Load Skip Hire London

The cage keeps bulky and uneven loads safely stored in transit, meaning the work can be completed for you while you wait quickly and cleanly - hence the term "Wait & Load"

Because of the mobile nature of a caged tipper, they can be parked quickly and temporarily just like any other vehicle. This means you have no need to get permits as you would with other options, and any obstructing would be limited to a shorter time window.

Caged tippers don’t just make loading and unloading fast – they can actually save you money.


If you have a limited access site where it’s not possible for a normal skip vehicle to gain access, Wait & Load skip hire is ideal, especially in London. Caged tippers also work well for jobs where overnight or weekend security would be compromised with a skip on site, as the waste is taken away there and then leaving you with nothing to secure.

It’s a great waste disposal option for private households and commercial customers looking for quicker, cheaper, easier waste disposal options.

Our 'Wait & Load' skip hire removal service in Essex & London includes general rubbish and junk removal, house and office clearances, commercial and bulky waste collection from furniture and electrical appliances to  waste and garden refuse.

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