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20th Century History of Skips

Skips have become a vital part of modern living, and a large proportion of people have hired a skip at some point in their lives. Whether you’re moving or renovating your home (or commercial premises) professional skip hire is a must-have. So where did skips come from ?

The Origins of Skips

The Dempster Brothers are generally credited with the inception of the modern day skip. In 1930 they formed a waste disposal company & needed to remove bulk materials easily and future inventors improve upon their initial prototypes.

Post World War 2

World War II saw a lot of destruction, especially in Europe with people needing to clear rubble and waste, with van drivers waiting to load up their vehicles and take them to a waste disposal centre. But this wasn’t ideal as drivers had to wait for long periods of time to load up. So a large static skip could save money & time and help efficiency at building sites and once full were transported to the waste disposal site.

1960s Skips UK

In the 60s UK skip hire became very popular, and in the 1970s skips all had to be yellow, so they were visible at night.

21st Century Skips

These days skip hire is more popular than ever and more eco-friendly too as waste disposal companies now have to recycle valuable or toxic items.

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