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Avoid Skip Overloading

Every skip hire company enforces a strict no-overloading rule to keep you, their staff, and other members of the public safe. Overfilled skips can cause objects to fall out, which can injure people, damage property, and block access points.

To help you fill your skip safely, here are some tips:

1. Break down large items into smaller pieces - breaking large items into smaller ones can help you to fit more into the skip and prevent it from becoming overfilled.

2. Spread the weight evenly - if you're loading heavy items, make sure to spread the weight evenly throughout the skip. That way, the contents of your skip are less likely to get dislodged and fall out.

3. Don't overfill your skip - when loading the skip, make sure you remember that you can only load up to the level load sign clearly visible on the top edge of the skip.

Skip Overload

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