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Best Way To Fill A Skip

To maximise the capacity of your hired skip, sort your suitable waste into bulky items, similar sized objects, flat "bits" and any loose debris. Layering your skip can help ensure the waste is stable, safe, and lets you get the most from the cubic capacity

1. Flat Items

Flat waste such as cardboard, carpet/flooring, doors are a good base to start with and act as a good base when squashed by heavier waste.

2. Similar Shapes

A bit like a giant Tetris game use bricks, building blocks, tiles and paving slabs can be arranged and tightly-packed.

3. Bulky Bits

Large items like furniture should be broken down as much as possible to avoid large gaps.

4. Rubbish Rubble

Rubbish such as rubble, garden waste and gravel should go in last. They will naturally fill all the available gaps left between your other waste in the skip.

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